Power of a piece of paper and a pen!

This week has been VERY busy for my wife and I. Kids activities, church activities, work, housework, etc. How do I ensure I am doing everything that I need to do? It’s simple…..I use a piece of paper and a pen.

Every Sunday night, I do the simple 5 minute task of writing out everything I need to accomplish the next week on a piece of paper. I physically write it down...no typing it on your phone or computer…I will explain why in a little.

This simple act keeps my week organized and ensures everything gets done. I don’t need a fancy pre-printed sheet of paper, just a plain piece of notebook paper! When I have a really busy day, I write down what time I need to get these things done! So why do I think its important that you physically write these things down on a piece of paper and avoid writing it down on a digital device?

The answer to that is simple. There is a special sense of accomplishment a person gets when they can physically put a line through a completed task! When I complete a task, I put a big line through it and immediately feel accomplished as I move to my next task. If you are feeling like you are not getting things done in a timely manner or need a better way to get organized, then give it a try!

Challenge: This Sunday night, go ahead and write everything you need to do for the week on a piece of paper using a pen! As the week progresses and you get things done, cross them off your list. At the end of the week, check your list and see how much you got done!


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