Use your Vacation days!

Today I decided to take a vacation day from my 9-5 job. I am not going anywhere, in fact I am just staying at home and relaxing….and that is 100% ok!

Too many people don’t use their vacation days they are given at work. They let their vacation days stack up. As a result, they are always working and never take time for themselves. Using your vacation days is so important for your mental health and quality of life!

I hear a lot of the same excuses….”I have so much work…I don’t have time to take off”….”If I take off, then I will have MORE work when I come back”. Guess what….work will ALWAYS be there. No matter if you are working or on vacation. The work will never stop coming…that is why the company hired you.

If you are in a job where you have strict deadlines and can’t take any vacation because you are always working to hit those deadlines….then it’s time to find another job. Once you are gone, no one remembers or even cares about the work you did. No job is worth you missing time with your family and risking your mental health!

Challenge: Right now, go ahead and find a day within the next month that you can take off for vacation.

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